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Make better products cheaper and faster.

Accelerate time to market

Cirrent’s Wi-Fi solution addresses all aspects of Wi-Fi onboarding and management. With an embedded agent, cloud platform, and app SDK, you’ll have your product reliably connected in no time.

Reduce costs

Startups spend an inordinate amount of time reinventing the wheel. No need to for Wi-Fi. Cirrent’s onboarding solution works out of the box so your engineers can focus on what’s important for your success: making a great product.

Improve customer experience

Cirrent’s extensive partnerships with network operators provide a radically better solution that you can build yourself. Now you can also provide the best possible Wi-Fi onboarding solution with Cirrent.

Startups Cirrent

Built and priced for big companies. Startups come along for the ride.

Logs & Analytics

Cirrent’s solution provides extensive logging to make sure your products are working well, and that users aren’t running into problems.

Developer Support provides development tools so your developers can independently validate your app and your device, to make sure each works just right.

Insanely Easy

Cirrent’s agent runs on the leading Wi-Fi platforms, the app SDK handles Wi-Fi onboarding for iOS and Android, and the pricing makes it a no-brainer.

Special Deal for Startups

Getting an account is free, and for startups* you’ll get your first 2,000 units for free. Contact us to get started.

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