Build Better Connected Products.

Cloud Wi-Fi management for connected products

Companies making connected products work with Cirrent to make their products easier to use and more secure, to reduce development time, support and returns cost, and to accelerate time to market. Cirrent provides all of the tools and technologies to ZipKey enable your product.
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Cirrent System

Cirrent delivers all of the components needed for your Wi-Fi connection management system for connected products

Wireless Connection Manager

Cirrent’s WCM is embedded code that goes inside the product, and implements all of the functionality necessary to ZipKey enable a product. Cirrent’s WCM is compatible with Linux, OpenWRT, and a variety of RTOS platforms.

ZipKey Hotspots

Internet service providers around the world have created ZipKey hotspots, which allow ZipKey products to connect to the Cirrent cloud automatically out of the box.

Cirrent Cloud

Cirrent’s cloud is a clearinghouse of information between the different components of the Cirrent system. Developers, support agents, and operations people use Cirrent’s management portal to access Cirrent’s cloud.

Software Development Kit

Cirrent provides a rich SDK to make updating iOS and Android apps easy. This SDK handles all aspects of communicating with the Cirrent cloud and addresses the lifecycle events for connected products.

Integrating ZipKey

Cirrent’s code, developer tools, and integration templates accelerate time to market

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    WCM Cirrent’s WCM is delivered along with the leading Wi-Fi chip SDKs, so it may be available in your development tools already. For products using Linux, developers can download the WCM directly from Cirrent’s support site for free, and chat with our developer support team to get up and running quickly.

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    SDK iOS and Android apps are often the face of connected products, and Cirrent is committed to making your products work well. Cirrent’s SDK takes care of the plumbing of Wi-Fi onboarding and lifecycle issues so you can be confident that the flows will work well and have your app development focused on the design and the overall user experience.

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    Developer Tools Cirrent’s Management Center provides a rich set of developer tools and testing frameworks to help developers get products and apps working quickly, and to simplify the whole integration process. Developers and support agents can also use the platform to see details about what is happening with specific products in the field, and continue to improve product performance.

Getting Started

Seeing is Believing

The ZipKey onboarding experience is so good that we want you to see it for yourself. You can see the Wi-Fi onboarding flow in the video and can get started by setting up an account.