Cirrent Rapidly Improves Security

Take action now to see if your products are affected


Cirrent’s embedded agent fingerprints your product, and uploads information to Cirrent’s cloud for analysis.

Alerting and Reporting

Cirrent’s cloud analyzes the product’s fingerprint to find unusual behavior and alert you in real time.


Cirrent’s agent, and partnerships with network operators, give Cirrent a unique ability to mitigate threats.

Make your products part of the solution

Cirrent makes it easy.

Simple integration

Cirrent’s agent works on most platforms and can be integrated independently of your application.

Path toward other benefits

Once using Cirrent’s agent, it’s easy to upgrade and access Cirrent’s other benefits, including out-of-the-box Wi-Fi connection capability.


Cirrent provides this service free for the first year, so your products can be part of the solution rather than the problem.

Confidence in security

Cirrent’s ongoing monitoring flags issues so you can ship your products with confidence in their security.