ZipKey improves your
customer experience

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ZipKey for Network Operators


Improve customer experience.

Your customers are connecting more and more Wi-Fi products today -- with ZipKey it’s easier for them and with branding attribution your customers will appreciate you for it.
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Reduce costs.

Large ISPs spend tens of millions of dollars per year answering the question: “what is my Wi-Fi password?” With ZipKey they don’t have to.
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Roll out new solutions.

Broadband Network Operators can identify the products connected to their networks, enabling enhanced network management apps, security, and Wi-Fi performance improvement.

the out-of-the-box experience
for your customers

  • Easy to use
  • Resilient, robust, proven
  • Secure

ZipKey Makes the broadband service the center
of the digital home

Near-term operational benefits for broadband
network operators

3rd Party product onboarding

Improved customer experience and positive attribution

ZipKey enabling CPE

Drop ship CPE or badged devices that automatically connect to WiFi and configure themselves

Managing 3rd Party products

Providing operators information on, visibility and control of third party products

Differentiating retail products

Enabling third-party devices sold through operator channels to automatically connect to customer’s Wi-Fi

ZipKey Partners

Software integrations can quickly turn on ZipKey
capability for your customer base

Compatible with most existing CPE