Simplified onboarding

The out-of-box experience is a critical ingredient for a great product. However, in many cases the first thing a user has to do is set up a product and get it connected to the Wi-Fi network. This process is cumbersome and confusing for many mainstream customers. In Cirrent’s testing, more than 15% of customers get hopelessly stuck using the best-of-breed onboarding solutions.

Cirrent’s solution is different. Cirrent’s partnerships with Internet service providers let products connect to the Internet instantly, right out of the box. In most cases, we don’t even require the user to type in a password.

This simplified onboarding process reduces returns, reduces support costs, and, most importantly, creates a great user experience.

Improved security

Security is critical for maintaining customer trust, and should be a top priority for any connected product. However, connected product companies are often focused on making great products, not the infrastructure work of security. The result is that many connected products have security vulnerabilities during the onboarding process, and with ongoing Wi-Fi connections.

Cirrent improves security with the Wireless Connection Manager and the Cirrent Cloud. With the Cirrent solution, your product can use Cirrent’s authentication framework for validating products, Cirrent’s Wi-Fi management subsystem to securely handle Wi-Fi credentials, and Cirrent’s framework for monitoring ongoing product security.

Since Cirrent enables products to connect to Wi-Fi outside of a customer’s private network, it provides even stronger security.

Increased reliability

Getting products connected once is important, but keeping them connected is equally important. If your product falls off the network once in a while, you’re not alone. Many Wi-Fi products only ensure they’re still connected to the access point, not that they’re connected to the Internet.

Cirrent’s Wireless Connection Manager addresses this issue. We are relentless about getting products connected and keeping them connected. Since Cirrent-enabled products connect to Wi-Fi outside of a customer’s private network, even when a customer changes their private network password, their products stay connected.

Wi-Fi networks can be unreliable at times, but with Cirrent, your products will stay online. A more reliable connection results in more satisfied customers.

Easy to integrate

Integrating Cirrent’s ZipKey solution into a Wi-Fi product typically doesn’t require any hardware change—just software. Cirrent’s solution is compatible with most Wi-Fi chipsets, and with Linux and RTOS platforms. Cirrent’s Cloud uses well-defined RESTful APIs to facilitate the onboarding process, notifications for connectivity changes, and lifecycle management.

Cirrent provides a complete onboarding and ongoing Wi-Fi management solution that can typically be integrated into an existing product in weeks. Cirrent provides all the tools you need to quickly bring instant connectivity capability to your product.

We’ve worked hard to make Cirrent’s solution easy for product manufacturers to adopt. It’s also designed to be economical, costing less than you’ll save in handling returns and support and service calls.