Hello from Cirrent!

July 17, 2014 10:51 pm Published by

This is what feels like a monumental first post on what we hope to be the long-lived Cirrent blog.

You may be wondering about our name. Cirrent was inspired by cirrus, one of the three major cloud types. Cirrus clouds are among the highest clouds in the sky, and appear as thin and feathery formations which indicate fair weather. At Cirrent, we’re taking a big picture approach when it comes to cloud technology and the Internet of things, and we’re happy to report fair weather ahead!

There are so many opportunities for connected products–both for companies and consumers–and the technology and markets are still very much in the early days. The proliferation of protocols, technologies, platforms, and products is a great indication of how exciting the space is, but it’s also confusing to consumers and industry insiders alike.

In this space, people from inside and outside Cirrent will provide our views on how this industry can speed the evolution towards simple, low cost, and secure consumer connected devices. Stay tuned!