Cirrent FAQ

You asked, we answered.


Product companies are Cirrent’s customers. Cirrent provides a variety of different services for product companies around security, authentication, and network management. Cirrent charges a small fee for each product that connects to a Cirrent hotspot.

No. Today Cirrent is a private company.

No. Cirrent is not seeking new investors at this time.

Cirrent is funded by leading angel investors and venture capital firms.

Cirrent was founded in 2014 by Rob Conant, a repeat entrepreneur, Internet of Things industry veteran, and developer. While Rob was helping his Mother-in-law install her new printer, he had an aha moment: Wi-Fi products could be dramatically easier to use, and more secure. Rob’s ideas turned into Cirrent, which is enabling a flood of new Wi-Fi products that mainstream customers love.


Today Cirrent’s network covers much of the U.S. and Western Europe. Network operators around the world are approaching Cirrent for integration, so we expect the network to expand worldwide soon.

Cirrent’s technology is used by companies making browserless Wi-Fi products like video cameras, wireless speakers, appliances, and Wi-Fi extenders. Check here for announcements of specific Wi-Fi products and look for the ZipKey logo on your products and routers.


Cirrent’s solution is compatible with most existing Wi-Fi chipsets and the leading IoT platforms. Cirrent’s reference implementations make enabling your product easy. Contact us to ask about your specific chipset and configuration.

You can get started today by requesting an account here.

Cirrent is working with the largest Internet service providers in the world, and always adding new partners to the list. Any Internet service provider that has a significant number of Wi-Fi home hotspots can bring the benefits of Cirrent to their customers.

Cirrent handles Wi-Fi networks for connected products. Companies set up an account with Cirrent, then can access Cirrent’s suite of tools and code modules to enable their products with ZipKey (automatic Wi-Fi connection), resulting in lower support costs, fewer returns, and delightful products.


Cirrent is vigilant about security. Cirrent’s cloud platform uses bank-level security to protect our customer’s data. All network communication is encrypted using https with certificate-based authentication. In addition, Cirrent improves the security of IoT products through rigorous authentication and network filtering (devices are only allowed to communicate with their intended cloud service). This network limitation addresses many of the potential weak points of Internet of Things security, and improves security for millions of customers.