We make products better.

We love great products. Products that take care of things in the background for us. Products that are a delight to use. But we’ve set up enough printers, TVs, and other smart home products to know that they’re not all a delight to use. They can be better. And the companies we talk to want to make their products better.

As a company, we’re guided by three core values:

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Make products easier

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Make products safer

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Make products better

We took the challenge

To make products easier to use — and solved the most complex part of connected products: getting them connected. We took a radically new approach that many people said would be impossible — work with the largest broadband providers in the world to solve the problem.

And we did it

Today, we’re teaming with the largest broadband providers and the leading connected product companies to provide an automatic, secure connection process.


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Meet the executive team


Rob has a relentless focus on making things easy. In his first job in college, he was hired to manually process satellite telemetry data—but by the end of the first week he had automated it, and spent the next year designing a telescope that would be launched into space. Since then, he has provided automation through connected products for manufacturing and industrial process control at Dust Networks, and electric utilities at Trilliant. Rob started Cirrent to make it easy for everyone to use the best new connected products.

Rob Conant

Founder & CEO

Barbara built many of the systems and technologies you use every day. As an early employee at General Magic, Barbara caught the startup bug, then went on to be a key technical leader at Extricity, Peregrine Systems, and iPass. She was a major contributor into the WISPr standard, now used for Wi-Fi networks around the world. She built the largest Wi-Fi roaming network for business travellers and now she’s building the largest Wi-Fi network for connected products. She also brings a female perspective to a great startup team!

Barbara Nelson


Tom is passionate about creating value for customers. Tom brings a track record as a 20-year startup veteran, who has led sales at companies from birth to IPO and beyond. Tom’s experience in Wi-Fi (Atheros/Qualcomm) and connected products (DisplayLink, Xicato, and Enverv) gives him the perspective to see the impact Cirrent will have on the industry.

Tom Foster

VP Sales

Roshan builds for scale. At Trilliant, he built the systems that connect millions of connected products. At DocuSign, he built the systems that manage and securely sign millions of documents per year. At Cirrent, Roshan is using the latest techniques to build a system that will scale to bring billions of devices online by 2020.

Roshan Paiva

Head of Cloud Systems

Marcio is a telecom veteran with a startup executive’s agility. Marcio has been at the birth of multi-hundred million dollar businesses multiple times. At Level3, Marcio led the charge on new business models in voice, then at iPass he stitched together what was at the time the world’s largest Wi-Fi access network. At Cirrent, Marcio is at it again–this time bringing billions of connected products online.

Marcio Avillez

SVP Networks

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How Cirrent started.

In 2014, when Rob Conant was helping his Mother-in-law install her new printer, he had an aha moment. Conant, an engineer and Internet of Things industry veteran, realized that if the process of connecting a printer to the Internet was too complicated for his Mother-in-law, it was probably too complicated for millions of other people as well. And it didn’t need to be this hard.

He started Cirrent shortly thereafter, creating a patented technology that enables smart products to connect to the Internet automatically. With ZipKey, Cirrent gives products the ability to connect instantly to a secure Wi-Fi network set aside only for products. Today, Cirrent provides access to ZipKey hotspots across the U.S. and Europe that make connected products a delight for mainstream customers.