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Automatic Cloud Connection


Cirrent-enabled products connect instantly, simply, and securely.

Products using Cirrent’s embedded Wireless Connection Manager (WCM) connect automatically through hotspots in homes and public spaces.


Cirrent provides a secure, global network of Wi-Fi hotspots for connected products.

Cirrent is teaming with broadband and router providers to deploy millions of hotspots worldwide.


Cirrent addresses all of your product’s connectivity issues.

Cirrent’s Wireless Connection Manager, secure hotspots, and cloud combine to create a powerful solution for your product’s connectivity.

Better products, Better results

Eliminate the friction and complexity in your connected products to drive improved performance for your business.

Increased sales

Cirrent delights customers, resulting in positive word of mouth, product reviews, mainstream adoption, and ultimately increased sales.

Reduce support costs

Products that instantly connect to Wi-Fi with Cirrent reduce customer support interactions and avoid costly technical support.

Reduce returns

Cirrent helps products exceed customer expectations right out of the box, leading to happy customers and fewer product returns.

Increase security

Protect your customers with Cirrent’s secure Wireless Connection Manager, featuring encryption, certificates, and authentication.

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Simplify And Secure Your Products

Ease of use and security are two of the most critical factors for connected products. Cirrent makes it easy to deliver both.

Simplified onboarding

Cirrent-enabled products connect to the Internet automatically, allowing a great user experience, remote service, diagnostics, and data collection. Learn More

Improved security

Cirrent’s Wireless Connection Manager protects your customers’ Wi-Fi credentials, and Cirrent’s Cloud provides tools and services to protect and monitor product security. Learn More

Increased reliability

Wi-Fi networks are fickle, but with Cirrent’s Wireless Connection Manager and Cloud, you can make sure your product gets connected and stays connected. Learn More

Easy to integrate

Cirrent’s solution is compatible with your existing hardware and the leading IoT platforms, and Cirrent’s reference implementations make Cirrent-enabling your product easy. Learn More

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