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Wi-Fi Connection Management for Connected Products

Accelerate time to market and improve your customer experience


ZipKey Makes Products Better

Cirrent provides a global network of ZipKey Wi-Fi hotspots for connected products through partnerships with ISPs. ZipKey-enabled products connect instantly, simply and securely through these hotspots.

Complete Solution

Cirrent’s platform provides Wi-Fi onboarding, product lifecycle management, and tools for ongoing support. With Cirrent, your engineers don’t re-invent the wheel on Wi-Fi and can focus on the breakthrough features for your products.

Easy to Integrate

Cirrent’s Wireless Connection Manager, secure ZipKey hotspots, and cloud combine to create a powerful solution. And with no hardware changes required and Cirrent’s rich developer toolbox, integrating ZipKey has never been easier.

Customers Love ZipKey

Cirrent’s ZipKey makes connected products easy to use

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    Better Out-of-box Experience Ease of use is the #1 buying criteria for connected products, and ZipKey solves the problems that cause 40% of negative product reviews: setup and connectivity.

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    Improved Reliability Connected products have to work not only on day 1, but on day 101 and day 1001. Cirrent helps ensure products get connected and stay connected.

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    Enhanced Security Cirrent’s Wireless Connection Manager protects your customers’ Wi-Fi credentials, and Cirrent’s Cloud provides tools and services to protect and monitor product security.


Benefits for Product Companies

Eliminate the friction and complexity in your connected products to drive improved performance for your business.

Reduced Support Costs

Products that instantly connect to Wi-Fi with ZipKey reduce customer interactions and avoid costly technical support.

Better Customer Experience

With ZipKey products, customers experience easy, secure setup, simple management and fewer disconnects, improving the overall customer experience.

Reduced Returns

Cirrent helps products exceed customer expectations right out of the box, leading to happy customers and fewer product returns.

Increased Security

Protect your customers with Cirrent’s Wireless Connection Manager, featuring encryption, certificates, and authentication.


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    Enhanced Lifecycle Support People move, change ISPs, change passwords, and even sell used products on eBay. Cirrent helps product companies address not just setup, but the full connected product lifecycle.

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    Total Customer Coverage ZipKey is now accessible to more than 50% of the US population and is increasingly accessible to the world’s broadband population, but products need to work for everyone. That’s why Cirrent’s solution includes support for SoftAP or Bluetooth out of the box. Using Cirrent improves your product for all customers.

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    Compatible with New & Existing Products Cirrent's solution is compatible with all of the leading Wi-Fi chipsets, Linux and real-time operating systems, so you can ZipKey enable your product over the air to existing units, and as a new firmware load on the manufacturing line.

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